Payroll outsourcing is when a company requires an external party to handle tasks associated with employee pay. Since it is a non-core activity of most organizations, we provide highly customizable payroll solutions that optimize the pay structure of employees.  We work closely with companies and Human Resource teams to standardize payroll activities.

We provide seamless integration between the monthly data collected, e-banking, and finance posting files.

Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing

You can gain the following advantages by outsourcing payroll services:

  1. Management can focus on key business functions

Businesses can focus on the main functions of their organization

  1. Cost Reduction

Outsourcing payroll services is less expensive compared to managing payrolls internally.

  1. Accurate & Efficient output

Payroll services conducted by professionals reduce the chance of errors.

  1. High-Security Support

Qualified specialists maintain the confidentiality of payroll activities, this information is only shared with the client.

  1. Complies with laws and regulations

Payroll services must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. The compliance of the payroll services with governmental regulations is monitored by professionals.

Our Payroll Services

At GSPU, we prioritize providing our clients with the best services possible. Our outsourced payroll solutions include:

  • Creation of Salary Structure
  • Dealingwith Payroll Processing
  • Manage MIS Reports
  • Deals with Labor departments and compliance with Labor Laws
  • Contract Labor Registration etc.
Why Outsource with GSPU?
  • Experts holding Industry Experience
  • Customizedsolutions for clients
  • On-time delivery of reports
  • Proper maintenance of Payroll Audit

Our primary goal is to improve the workflow and fund your company. Contact us for more information.

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