GSPU understands the challenges needed for the role of a Chief Financial Officer; therefore we supply CFO services for small/medium-sized business enterprises and consultancy. By increasing investor wealth and attaining business objectives, our experts can help you establish a strong foundation for your company.

CFO in the Organizational Strategy

Vision, mission, core values, SWOFT analysis, industry structure, and client, supplier, and competitor analysis are defined by the CFO. A CFO makes sure that each department’s operational plans, primary areas of responsibility, and budget are in line with the corporate goals.

As Business Partners

By linking Operational Reports & managing the operations for other departments, CFO acts as a business partner and enhances the business functionalities & productivity.

Designs the company’s supply chain

A CFO ensures that the relationship with a supplier or customer is properly maintained and crafts a cost-effective and competitive choice strategy.

Business scalability globally&locally

A CFO must ensure that the organization can scale both locally and globally by comprehending the business structure concerning the local market and global innovations.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The CFO should make sure that the right infrastructure, including essential resources like money, is carefully evaluated when the firm decides to grow through acquisition or merger.

Introduces digital transformations to the company

CFOs are the designated party for handling financial and operational data, bringing them together into one location (a digital tool), and instructing management on how to use it properly for quick and efficient corporate operation.

All strategic issues are identified and addressed with the board and investors, and necessary movements and budget implementations are made with the help of an exceptional analysis of the financial performance and the most recent financial report.

Maintains the cash flow of the unit

Ensure that the company complies with all relevant corporate laws

All internal controls & processes should be ensured by them to prevent fraud orfinancial threats.To maximize investment return, they should make sure of best practices, such as benchmarking.

Investment Return Maximization

A CFO ensures Investment Returns maximization through revenue optimization & cost reduction which also enhances the business productivity & efficiency.

What do we provide as a CFO?
  • Making business plans, policies, and strategies.
  • Working capital and cash flow management.
  • Offering the CEO/Owner business advice.
  • Advice on tax-related issues.
  • Directing and overseeing the accounts department as needed.
  • Direction for establishing Internal Control procedures.
  • Advice for drafting and implementing SOP.
  • MIS report preparation and financial data analysis.
  • Examining contracts with clients, vendors, etc.
  • Supporting Cost Analysis for Construction Contracts & Project Accounting.
  • Ongoing assistance with the formulation and revision of the annual budget.
  • Risk Control.
  • Post-Costing Analysis and Pre-Costing Support.
  • Cooperation with and assistance with managing working capital loans from banks and other financial institutions.



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