An analysis of a plan’s viability is known as a feasibility study. It determines the chance of completing the project by taking into account all economic, technical, legal, and scheduling concerns.

Feasibility studies provide crucial information that could prevent businesses from pursuing unprofitable ventures.

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of developing business plans and performing feasibility studies. We offer an impartial assessment of your future ambitions.

Advantages of performing a feasibility study

  • Reduces the variety of business plans
  • Directs business in the appropriate direction
  • Businesses can uncover the opportunities that are available by conducting a thorough market analysis.
  • Address the shortcomings of opponents

Financial Dimension

In this step, the start-up costs, ongoing costs, financing options, and profitability are examined. The fixed and variable costs as well as the legal and capital acquisition costs are calculated. Understanding the ramifications and costs associated with various financing alternatives helps identify the best method of raising money, whether it be through loans, investments, or other means. Additionally, we determine the anticipated return on investment and income. To ensure a healthy cash flow, the conditions of payment for the supplier and the client are also considered.

Every financial feasibility report will generally include the following:

  • Income Statement
  • Projected Statement of Financial Position 
  • Income Statement
  • Payables Statement
  • Financial Projections Notes & Explanations.
  • BEP Ratio Analysis VI

Technical Dimension

This involves analysing the resources required for the company. Aspects of facilities and equipment that need to be considered include the hardware/software requirements, the source and availability of capital assets, and if an expansion or change in line can be accommodated with the

capital investment. We describe the amount of necessary manpower, the technical skills, training, and the competency and experience of managers required for this dimension.

  • Price of the technology
  • Price of technological development
  • Price of consulting support (design and implementation)
  • Price of the organisation for piloting training
  • Ongoing cost.


At this stage, the timeline for business setup is decided. A workable business plan needs to be implemented quickly since the industry is so dynamic. To guarantee that the business’s goals are achieved, the plan must be implemented within the allotted time frame.

Feasibility of the operation

We employ the PIECES framework, which aids in determining the issues that need to be resolved and their criticality:

  1. Performance: Does the throughput and response time offered by the modes of operation meet the needs?
  2. Information: Do end users and management have access to current, relevant, accurate, and well-formatted information?
  3. Economy – Does the method of operation offer the company cost-effective information services? Could there be an increase in benefits and/or a decrease in costs?
  4. Control: Does the method of operation offer enough safeguards against fraud and that data and information accurate and secure?
  5. Effectiveness – Does the method of operation make the best use of the people, time, and flow of forms?
  6. Services: Does the method of operation offer dependable service? Is it extensible and flexible?

Our Priority Sectors


Market Stability

1.Individual interview

2.Telephone conversation


Internal sources for desk research

  1. Sales amount
  2. Accounting sources
  3. Customer comments and grievances
  4. Report from the sales representative

Online investigation

  1. Searching tools
  2. Newspapers
  3. Other online databases
  4. Report from the sales representative

Printed Study

  1. Commercial statistics
  2. Reports on industrial market research
  3. Commercial directories

Additional Market Research

  1. Industry Trend
  2. Market Sector
  3. Targeted Clientele
  4. Target Market Research
  5. Pricing Methodology
  6. Competitive Environment


Business Valuation

Corporate Finance

Cyber Security

Mergers and Acquisations

Risk Management

Standard Operating Procedure


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